2014 Toyota Corolla Starts Then Dies


Why does my 2014 Toyota Corolla engine activate and begin to work but then stop functioning. The car turns on but dies immediately. I am not a mechanic but my neighbor said it stalls.

This issue started last week when it would stall intermittently while driving. I would restart the Corolla and drive a few more miles but the engine won’t stay running.

Now, several days later, the engine stops running the moment it starts. Did my engine bite the dust or does it sound fixable? What should I check out first? Please help. Why does my Toyota Corolla start then die?

My car is a 2014 Toyota Corolla LE

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    The factory service manual has a troubleshooting section for a Toyota Corolla who’s engine starts but stops straight away and a separate area in the book for an engine that stalls.

    Here is a list of the two symptoms and it’s possible causes:

    Engine Starts But Stops Immediately

    • Loose wire connection or faulty connector at coil(s) or alternator.
    • No or low fuel pressure reaching the fuel injectors.
    • Faulty fuel pump.
    • Vacuum leak at the intake manifold or throttle body.
    • Faulty mass airflow meter sensor.

    Engine Stalls

    • Water or contamination in the fuel system.
    • Clogged fuel filter.
    • Damaged or wet ignition components.
    • Defective emission system components.
    • Damaged spark plugs or excessive plug gap.
    • Vacuum leak at the intake manifold or throttle body.
    • Valve clearance needs to be adjusted.

    I would guess you either have a leak in the fuel system, faulty fuel pump or a bad fuel pump relay. That would certainly cause your car to suddenly quit working. That fact that the Toyota starts but has a sudden stall condition means that fuel is getting to the injectors but the pressure is insufficient.

    Another possible cause for a Toyota Corolla to stall immediately after startup faulty mass airflow meter sensor. You can clean the MAF sensor but be careful because they are very delicate. Use a dedicated MAF sensor cleaner.

    To answer your question, no, your engine did not bite the dust. It didn’t pass on just yet. However, you mentioned you are not a mechanic. I would recommend you buying a OBD2 scan tool. It can diagnose virtually anything, including a Toyota Corolla that starts but then dies.

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    I also have a 2014 Toyota Corolla. I had a check engine light on so I went to the dealership to have it checked out. It stalled before I got there and wouldn’t restart. It turned out to be a bad ground wire. The ground wire is attached to the transmission and I just had a new one installed. They painted the transmission and the paint was preventing a good ground. Now it starts and runs fine. Did you do any work to your vehicle recently?

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