Arctic Cat 400 Carburetor Problems (Troubleshooting Guide)


My Arctic Cat 400 all-terrain vehicle is having trouble running correctly. It seems to idle too low and has difficulty operating at low and media speed. I presume it is an issue with the carburetor but what exactly what part of the carb would cause low/medium speed problems and low idle trouble?

For the most part all I know about a carburetor is that it’s the device on an internal combustion engine that mixes liquid fuel and air…but how the heck do you fix it? My Arctic Cat 400 ATV is a 2014 model.

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    A troubleshooting guide will help you identify issues within the carburetor system. A troubleshooting guide will help you trace correct the fault. This is the official carburetor troubleshooting guide for the 2014 Arctic Cat 400 4-wheeler. Although it should probably work for similars years and models.

    Refer to the trouble chart above. Match your vehicle’s condition with the one in the chart that best describes your issue.

    When I say this is the official troubleshooting guide, I mean it comes directly from the factory service manual. So it is the same problems solving instructions that the factory trained mechanics use to identify the symptom and correct the issue.

    It might be best to troubleshoot the simple stuff and leave the more difficult problems for a trained mechanic or you might just make the vehicle run worse than it is already.

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    • Alonso Daniel

      Do you have an illustration or assembly diagram of the entire carburetor for the 2014 Arctic Cat? I need to know where the pilot screw is located on the carb and what the screw looks like.

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