Cardano ADA vs Hedera Hashgraph HBAR


I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of Hedera Hashgraph versus Cardano ADA in terms of profitability. Upon doing some research, I have found so many people to be against Hedera Hashgraph while others are opposed to Cardano.
My primary question is which coin has more potential to make a profit?

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Derek Shibuya 2 weeks 2021-06-10T04:14:13+00:00 0 Answers 33 views 1

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    A lot of people say that Hedera Hashgraph is undervalued, therefore, it has a lot of room to grow. I don’t know if HBAR is undervalued but it is definitely under reported whereas Cardano is severely overvalued or heavily hyped.

    The market is in a slump right now, possibly entering a bear market. With so many people invested in Cardano, it has a lot to lose before hitting bottom. In contrast, Hederah Hashgraph was never promoted intensively so it’s already near a bottom price.

    Powerful YouTube influencers made some ridiculous claims such as how Cardano would hit $5,000 per coin or it would be the next coin listed on PayPal. Some say that those powerful YouTubers were paid to shill Cardano (yes that really happens in the crypto sphere). So in my opinion, Cardano is more of a scam coin or shitcoin than substance. Late Cardano investors will come to realize this when ADA goes down to $0.30 in a bear market.

    On the other hand, Hedera Hashgraph has real substance to it. You know that Hedera is gonna do what it says it’s gonna do. They have stayed true to their word. The way I see it is you have outstanding reputation and technology (Hedera) vs outstanding marketing (Cardano).

    At this point I’d rather put my money on Hedera. When all the Cardano victims lose their money to the ADA scam that never seems to deliver anything more than a wild fantasy, people will see Hedera for what it truly is…a real investment.

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    You can’t compare HBAR vs ADA. Cardano is a scam coin. Too many YouTubers and whales overhyped the crypto to make themselves rich. The smart ADA investors already dumped it. The YouTubers continue to tell people it’s best cryptocurrency to ever exist so they can preserve its popularity and thus earn ad revenue.

    HBAR is the better of the two but other coins exist too! Plasma Finance PPAY should be big. The Ampleforth Governance Token FORTH should be huge…it’s a new token that’s never pumped. HBAR is a good long-term investment

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