Ford Taurus Cranks But Won’t Start


My 6th generation Ford Taurus cranks but will not turn on. I do not see a check engine warning light. What are the most common reasons for a Ford Taurus to crank over but not start up?

I read on the Internet that the most likely cause is a dead battery or alternator. How do I test if these components are good or bad? The car did not break down on the side of the road. It just wouldn’t start in the morning when I turned the ignition key.

Even though starter activates and turns the crankshaft could the starter be the problem. Maybe it is not turning over fast enough to catch and fire up the engine?

My vehicle is a 2013 Ford Taurus Limited. It is stock. No modifications to the sound system. This is the first time it has ever left me stranded. Help please!

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  1. Ford Taurus Cranks but Won’t Start

    A Ford Taurus owner often faces this daunting problem: the car cranks but won’t start. Though it’s quite desperate, no need to worry that much. You can easily troubleshoot the problem by yourself through the guide below.

    There are some common faults which may cause this problem. No spark or even a low one, insufficient fuel, low compression, and a problem in the power supply are the common causes that can be detected and fixed easily.

    1. Weak or no park

    Most commonly, the Ford Taurus won’t start due to the faulty spark system. The lack of spark may be caused due to certain reasons. If your car is not starting and just cranking, there may be a corrupted ignition module or a flooded engine. A fault in the ignition circuit can also make the sparking system work improperly. you should also check for a malfunctioning ignition switch. One more thing to remember: the sparking should be appropriately timed.

    To check if there is a problem with the spark, you can check the distributor cap and the spark plug wires or coil(s).

    2. Insufficient fuel supply

    Secondly, appropriate fuel pressure is vital for your car to start. If the Ford Taurus is cranking and not starting, look for a problem in the fuel supply.

    A cracked fuse for the fuel pump can cause the problem. It could be the fuel pump relay, which is located behind your rear passenger seat. You should also check for a low-quality fuel pump, contaminated fuel in the tank, and a defective fuel filter. Beware, you can have an empty fuel tank even.

    Fuel Pump Relay Location - Behind Rear Passanger Seat
    Fuel pump relay can cause a crank but no-start issue. Fuel pump relay is located behind the rear passenger seat.

    3. Low compression

    For an Ford Taurus engine to run perfectly, each of the cylinders needs compression. If one or more cylinders have low compression, the engine won’t work correctly. The problem in compression is induced by a cracked or loose timing belt. A broken chain or the snapped overhead camshaft can also be the culprits. Compression-gauge can be used to check the fault in compression.

    4. Charging and starting system

    Another factor that can be a culprit in just cranking and not starting the motor-vehicle may be a weak starter motor. detecting this problem is easy; try to notice if the starter is making an unusual noise. If it does, this is the symptom of a problem in the starter motor.

    If the battery cables are weak and corroded, clean and tighten them repaired. A dying battery can also cause crank but no-start problem.

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