How to Remove Flywheel Mercury OptiMax 115 hp


How do I take off the flywheel on a Mercury OptiMax 115 horsepower outboard engine. So I know a flywheel is a heavy revolving wheel in an outboard motor that is used to increase the boat engine’s momentum and thereby provide greater stability in the delivery of power to the Mercury Opti-Max. But how do I take if off?

I have a broken-down 115hp Mercury motor and wanted to sell it for parts but I do not know how to detach the flywheel. Does anyone have instructions with pictures on how to remove a flywheel?

The engine is a 2004 Mercury OptiMax 115 direct fuel injection model.

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    How to Remove Flywheel

    1. Remove flywheel cover from the Mercury OptiMax engine.

    2. Disconnect the spark plug wires from the spark plugs so as to prevent the outboard engine from starting when turning flywheel.

    How to remove a flywheel without a puller Mercury outboard

    a. Flywheel Holder

    3. Use this flywheel holder to hold the flywheel in place while you remove the flywheel nut and washer.

    4. Install a crankshaft protector cap (use this one on the end of the crankshaft. Then install a flywheel puller (use this one into the flywheel.

    how to remove flywheel without tool

    a. Flywheel Puller

    5. Hold the flywheel tool with a combination wrench or adjustable spanner while simultaneously tightening the bold down on the protector cap. Torque the bolt until you break off the flywheel.

    6. Take away the flywheel from the engine and inspect it for cracks or damage.

    Do not use a hammer or other tool with a heavy metal head to aid in the removal of the flywheel as it will damage it. These flywheel removal procedures apply to 75, 90, 115 hp Optimax 2004 to 2006 models.

    Best answer

    In this video a mechanic shows you how to remove a flywheel without a flywheel holder or puller, using a simple breaker bar, vice grips and hammer. I am not sure if it works for newer model engines. My father, who was a master marine mechanic and authorized mercury outboard dealer, always followed factory procedures.

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