The Bitcoin ETF Deception


Hello, my friends. This is a warning of caution regarding the complexities surrounding Bitcoin.

From what I’ve uncovered, there’s a covert collaboration involving major financial players—BlackRock, Fidelity, Greyscale, ARK Invest, and Invesco—in the Bitcoin ETF saga. Insider information points unequivocally to the SEC’s impending denial of their ETF applications.

Here’s the twist: these entities never truly sought ETF approval. Instead, they orchestrated a scheme to artificially boost Bitcoin’s value by promoting the ETF hype. Privately, they’ve been steadily unloading their Bitcoin reserves.

In my view, the repercussions could be severe, paving the way for a substantial market downturn. The veil of manipulation is lifting, and the aftermath could be unsettling for the entire cryptocurrency market. Prepare for what unfolds as this orchestrated maneuver plays out soon.

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    The suggestion of a coordinated effort among major financial players to manipulate the Bitcoin ETF narrative could indeed be plausible. However, until concrete evidence surfaces or official statements are made, we’ll need to wait and observe how the situation evolves. 

    However, it seems evident that you don’t have any concrete evidence available at this moment to definitively support these claims.


    Reports suggest whales sold billions in bitcoin recently. The entities applying for ETF likely already know the fate.

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