What is the Recommended Oil Type for Yamaha 115TLR 2-Stroke?


What is the correct oil type 2 cycle oil for my 2006 Yamaha 115hp outboard model 115TRL? What does the manufacturer suggest using?

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  1. The factory service manual recommends this type of 2-cycle oil https://amzn.to/3jummIa. It is the same premium 2-cycle oil that is recommended for 2006, 2008 and 2008 Yamaha 115 TLR outboards.

    Fuel And Oil Recommendations

    This is the factory recommended fuel and oil specifications as stated by the Yamaha 115TLR, 130TLR factory service manual. It applies to 2006, 2007 and 2008 outboard 2-stroke, 4-cylinder models.

    Fuel type Unleaded regular gasoline
    Fuel rating *RON
    Engine oil type 2-stroke outboard motor oil
    Engine oil grade TC-W3
    Engine oil capacity (engine oil in tank) L (US qt, Imp qt) 0.9 (0.95, 0.79)
    Engine oil capacity (sub-oil tank) L (US qt, Imp qt) 10.5 (11.1, 9.2)
    Gear oil type Hypoid gear oil SAE 90
    Gear oil total quantity cm3 (US oz, lmp oz) 785 (26.5, 27.7)

    * RON: Research Octane Number
    PON: Pump Octane Number = (RON + Motor Octane Number)/2

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  2. This is a screenshot from the actual factory service manual. it list fuel and oil recommendations and requirements.

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