Where is throttle position sensor located on 2004 Dodge Ram


Where is the throttle position sensor (TPS) located on a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 with a Chrysler 4.7 liter engine? I know it is positioned near or on the throttle body (I guess) but what does it actually look like?

I need to know where throttle position sensor is situated as I suspect it is faulty. My 2004 Dodge Ram won’t accelerate properly and it lacks power when I step on the accelerator to speed up. The truck idles rough too.

My mechanic is out of town but he emailed me and told me to check the TPS sensor. But he didn’t mention where the sensor is located. Does anyone have a picture of where the throttle position sensor is placed on a 4.7 liter Dodge Ram?

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    Throttle Position Sensor Location 4.7L

    The throttle position sensor (2) is located on the throttle body (1). Refer to the illustration to find it. The TPS sensor is fixed to the throttle blade shaft. It has a 3 wire connector attached to it.

    (1) Throttle body. (2) Throttle position sensor. (3) Idle air control motor. (4) Idle air temperature sensor. (5) Mounting screws.

    There are two mounting screws (5) that keep it mounted on the throttle body. The idle air control motor (3) is mounted in the same general location so don’t get it confused with the throttle position sensor.

    You can also see the idle air temperature sensor (4) location and the IAT mount screws (5). Some people also confuse that for the TPS.

    Throttle Position Sensor Location 3.7L V6

    The throttle position sensor (1) is mounted to the throttle body on the 2004 Dodge Ram 3.7-liter 6-cylinder engine, see illustration. There are two mounting screws (4) that fix the TPS to the throttle body.

    (1) Throttle position sensor TPS. (2) Mounting screws for TPS. (3) Idle air control IAC motor. (4) Mounting screws for IAC.

    Do not confuse the idle air control motor (3) with the TPS sensor, they are two different components.

    Throttle Position Sensor Removal 4.7L V8

    Now that you know where the TPS sensor is located, removing it will be a breeze. Here’s how to take it off.

    • Take off the air duct and tube that are attached to the throttle body.
    • Detach the electrical connector from the TPS sensor.
    • Remove the two mounting screws from the TPS unit.
    • Take off the TPS from the throttle body.

    Reverse the removal procedures to reinstall the TPS. Removal and installation procedures for the 3.7 L V6 are basically the same for V8 engines.

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