Yamaha 115hp (115TLR) Maintenance Schedule


I need maintenance schedule for a 2006 Yamaha 115 horsepower 2-stroke four-cylinder outboard engine. I want to know what components the manufacturer suggest you check, clean, adjust or replace at any given interval.

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    The maintenance interval chart for the 2006 Yamaha 115 hp is listed below. This maintenance schedule is specific to your model and year. Although it also applies to 2007 and 2008 Yamaha 115TLR models.

    Maintenance Schedule Yamaha 115TLR


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      In the maintenance schedule you posted it says to change the gear oil every six months? What are the proper gear oil maintenance procedures and what brand of oil does the factory recommend for the 115TLR?


        These are the maintenance procedures for lower unit gear oil. It provides…

        • Inspecting gear oil level
        • Changing and inspecting the gear oil
        • Recommended gear oil
        • Gear oil filling steps
        • Gear oil bolt torque specifications

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