Hedera (HBAR) Versus Internet Computer (ICP)


I frequently come across assertions that ICP represents the pinnacle of technology, rendering Hedera HBAR obsolete, particularly concerning web3. Can this claim be substantiated?

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    The Internet Computer (ICP) has been nothing short of a manipulative marketing ploy. Supposedly revolutionizing internet infrastructure, the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) aims to overhaul internet operations. However, these ambitious claims are met with skepticism. The notion of establishing a web platform where software can operate directly on the internet, circumventing centralized servers, appears innovative yet overly futuristic and ambitious.

    Critics highlight the substantial technical obstacles and adoption complexities inherent in achieving such a monumental transformation of internet architecture. While the promise of a more open, secure, and efficient internet is appealing, skepticism abounds regarding the practicality and feasibility of such a dramatic shift.

    The truth is, in the realm of cryptocurrencies, legitimacy necessitates addressing real-world issues for both retail and governmental acceptance. ICP, from the outset, was destined to fall short of its goals. It was cunningly marketed to retailers, peddled by influencers promising wealth and world-changing impacts to entice purchases. Yet, it’s all a façade. ICP falls into the same category as various other scam coins—the affluent pump money into marketing to lure buyers and then offload their holdings. It’s a scam, evident by scrutinizing its backers.

    On the flip side, consider Hedera HBAR. In all honesty, there exists no other cryptocurrency superior to HBAR in the world. That’s not an opinion but an undeniable fact.

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    The notion of establishing a web platform where software can operate directly on the internet, circumventing centralized servers, appears innovative yet overly futuristic and ambitious

    Creating a web platform where software operates directly on the internet without centralized servers faces significant challenges in technical complexity, scalability, regulatory hurdles, user adoption, and would require groundbreaking innovations and extensive collaboration to achieve. Impossible!

    Moreover, the specifics regarding the financial resources earmarked by the DFINITY Foundation for the development of the Internet Computer remain largely undisclosed and shrouded in uncertainty. Publicly available information regarding their exact financial reserves or the allocated budget exclusively designated for the Internet Computer’s development is notably lacking, raising skepticism about the Foundation’s capability to fund such an ambitious project.

    It has been said they are almost bankrupt.


    Investing in Hedera (HBAR) over Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) stands as a vastly superior choice due to critical shortcomings within ICP. HBAR shines with its proven scalability, fortified consensus mechanism, and rapid transaction rates, while ICP struggles with scalability issues and an untested infrastructure. Additionally, HBAR’s transparent governance model fosters trust and regulatory adherence, unlike the ambiguous and uncertain governance associated with ICP, making it a wiser and more reliable investment option.

    Let’s not overlook the fact that ICP is considered a security, raising concerns about its potential delisting from exchanges at any uncertain moment. BOOOM price plunges to 40¢ in 40 seconds.

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