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My time on the XRP subreddit was a letdown, to say the least. The community’s obsession with outlandish price predictions and a near cult-like belief that XRP could skyrocket to $1000 or $10,000 per coin was, frankly, ludicrous. Engaging with these discussions left me concerned about the rampant delusion prevailing in the community.

The real problem lies in the advice being dished out there. There’s an alarming trend of advocating for HODLing at all costs, regardless of the market stagnation. Encouraging people to hold onto their investments without a care for plummeting prices or longterm stagnation is outright reckless. My suspicion is that these notions might be propped up by Ripple insiders to maintain a high price while they cash out.

The ban hammer came down swiftly when I dared to challenge these fantastical price predictions. Being booted out for offering a dissenting opinion highlights the subreddit’s reluctance to entertain any realistic conversation that doesn’t fit their rose-tinted narrative.

Frankly, the mods’ actions and the overall vibe of the subreddit reek of deception. It’s less of an open forum and more of an echo chamber for unrealistic dreams and potential manipulation. This isn’t a place for genuine discussions; it’s a breeding ground for false hope and shady dealings.

In a nutshell, the XRP subreddit embodies the dangers of blindly trusting online forums. It’s a stark reminder that not everything online is genuine or well-intentioned, and it’s a cautionary tale against buying into hype without a solid foundation of facts.

After spending ample time navigating through the XRP subreddit, it became abundantly clear that XRP’s trajectory toward substantial price appreciation is a far-fetched notion. Its abysmal tokenomics, coupled with the looming threat of an additional 47 billion tokens set to flood the market, solidified my certainty: XRP holds no intrinsic value and is, without a doubt, a facade built on baseless hype. My advice, AVOID XRP as an investment!

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    There was a guy asking for advice on r/XRP about whether or not he should sell his holdings because the price hadn’t moved for a long time. So, I gave him my honest opinion and got banned.

    I told him that XRP’s price is basically always pumped because of the enormous amount of marketing it receives, and that’s why the price doesn’t move much. I also mentioned that there are still billions of tokens to be dumped, which will prevent a price increase.

    I told him that HBAR should be surging soon due to the fact that a new major GC member would be announced and that maybe he might find some winnings with that. 

    My advice, AVOID XRP as an investment!

    Agree 100%, XRP is fool’s gold.


    r/Cardano is much more toxic. Critical posts vanish instantly, and bans follow even quicker. But hey, at least it outperforms XRP in price movement.

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