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Basic Exercises to Build a Stronger Chest Fast

Basic Exercises to Build a Stronger Chest Fast

Building your chest fast requires a regimen of training and nutrition. The main muscle of your chest, the pectoral muscles, can be best strengthened and grown by mixing different exercises and lifts to produce a rapid increase in size and strength. While many assume that heavier weights are needed to add bulk to your pecs, you can achieve rapid results by incorporating a varied training schedule and a nutritional diet targeted for muscle growth. Another issue that arises to stunt the growth of many athletes is not allowing your muscles the rest they need to grow properly. Follow this guide to see significant results in a short period of time.

Stretching is important for all of your muscles before embarking on a training routine. Before you stretch, it is best that you warm your muscles to prevent injury. Begin your warm-up by jogging in place. Swing your arms vigorously in rhythm with your strides. Keep your knees up during your running in place and continue at a medium pace for at least 3 minutes.

Pushup an exercise lying facing the floor and raising their body by pressing down with their hands.

Stretch your chest by placing your arm on the wall and turning your body away from your hand. Turn far enough so that you feel the pull across the pectoral muscles associated with the arm you are holding against the way. Repeat the process twice with each arm. As you stretch, exhale as you approach maximum stretch. Avoid twisting your body to the point that pain is felt in your elbow or chest.

Devise a training routine that includes push-ups, forward dips, barbell press, and bench press or military press.

The key to building your chest fast is getting a well-rounded workout. Make sure to alternate each exercise in sequence every other day to employ muscle confusion. Muscle confusion is the theory of not allowing your muscles to get used to a set sequence of training. The process works to prevent the plateau effect and allows you to gain strength and size steadily throughout your training.

After each workout, consume an extra serving of protein within one hour of working out. You can use protein shakes or bars or any of the foods that are low in fat and high in proteins. You can also consume protein before working out as well as dark chocolate for a natural stimulant to fuel your workout.

While you may find different packaged workouts that are geared toward rapid muscle growth, the overall key is to remain dedicated to the workout you devise, rest between working out, and fueling your body with what it needs to power through your exercises and recover properly for muscle growth. 

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  1. I found that dips work the chest better for me.

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