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Evinrude E-TEC Vapor Separator

Evinrude E-TEC Vapor Separator

The vapor separator information on this page applies to all 2011 105.4 cubic inch (1.7 L) and 158.2 cubic inch (2.6 L), 60° V Evinrude E-TEC 115, 130, 150, 175 and 200 HP models.

Vapor separator description

A vapor separator is a water-cooled fuel reservoir on an outboard engine. It is designed to accumulate inbound fuel from the fuel lift pump and also from the fuel return manifold. The vapor separator contains a float which is responsible for controlling the venting of fuel vapors. The vapor separator also encompasses a fuel pressure regulator. The fuel pressure regulator is a component of the outboard’s fuel system. The purpose of the fuel pressure regulator is to control and maintain the rate of speed for the high pressure fuel system.

The vapor separator unit, as seen in diagram, is serviced as an assembly. The vapor separator assembly includes the fuel circulation pump. 

Vapor separator service

There may come a time when the vapor separator needs repair work, routine maintenance or removal and installation. In which case, follow these procedures.


  1. Disconnect both batter cables attached to the battery.
  2. Relive the fuel system pressure.
  3. Disconnect the circulation pump’s electrical connector.
  4. Take off the clamp and fuel supply manifold top of the circulation pump.
  5. Take off both the clamp and vapor hose from the separator cover. 
  6. Take off the clamps and also the fuel return manifold, and the fuel supply hose from the bottom end of the vapor separator.
  7. Take off the hosing retainer clip on the vapor separator as shown.
  8. The final step involves removing fuel pump/vapor separator from its outing studs so as to slide the vapor separator housing from the groves of the isolator mounts.

Vapor separator housing retainer clip


To re-install the vapor separator, carefully slide it back onto the bracket notches making sure the it fits into the grooves of the isolator mounts. Re-install forward isolator of vapor separator onto the mounting stud and make sure it is secured by installing the retainer clip.

Reinstall all of the manifolds and hosers to their original locations by following the reverse order using the previously mentioned removal procedures. Make sure the you secure everything with appropriate clamps.

The next critical step is to check for fuel system leaks that could potentially escape through a hole or crack. Check for leaks by squeezing the primer bulb to build pressure within the fuel system. Continue to hold pressure on the bulb while observing for fuel leaks.

If everything checks out, reconnect the battery cables and run outboard and inspect the fuel system for leaks.

Service chart vapor separator diagram

Service chart applies to 2011 60° V Evinrude E-TEC 115, 130, 150, 175 and 200 horsepower models

Vapor separator vent check

Inspect the vapor separator vent hose. There shouldn’t be even a trace of fuel escaping. Fuel discharge indicates a vapor separator vent is not functioning properly.

Monitor the vent for the presence of fuel while testing. Here’s a quick way to test it. Temporarily install a clear tube for monitoring purposes. If the venting of fuel is continuous, replace the vapor separator. 

Troubleshooting tip: If the outboard turns over but will not start as a result of excessive fuel or flooded engine, check for a leaking vapor separator vent.

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