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Hey there, wondering about Bank Social’s (BSL) future price and if it’s a good time to buy? BankSocial is doing cool stuff in finance with their $BSL token, which lets people earn rewards and have a say in how things work. They’ve got a bunch of financial solutions like a crypto exchange and lending services. So, any idea about what the BSL token might cost in the future and whether it’s smart to buy now? It’s got a circulating supply of 14,993,519,187 billion tokens and a maximum supply of 20 billion. Anyone think it could reach a valuation of $0.10 or $1? Currently it is priced at $0.0002288. Also, where can I buy it?

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    Well, if you’re thinking about getting in, right now seems like a great time as the market cap is quite low. You can scoop up a substantial amount without needing a lot of money. Personally, I got a few million a couple of weeks ago at $0.0001 each. looks promising. Compared to a lot of other not-so-great options out there, this seems like a worthwhile bet considering the price. The big question is how successful they’ll become, but they seem to have a good start. The founder appears sharp and knowledgeable about cryptocurrency, which bodes well for the project. If they focus a bit on marketing to retail investors, I can envision BSL hitting around 0.25¢ in a few years, and maybe even 0.50¢ in 3 to 4 years. 

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    If it reaches 16 cents, I’m in the millionaire zone, but I’ll definitely be content when it hits $0.08. Realistically, though, I might just cash out at $0.04 and treat myself to a Lambo.

    For those interested, you can grab it through Coinbase wallet. First, you’ll need to purchase Ethereum, and then swap it for Bank Social (BSL). It’s a simple process once you have your Ethereum ready to go!

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