Why So Much Negativity (FUD) About Hedera HBAR?


I’m interested in investing in HBAR, but everywhere I look, whether it’s YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, or other places, all I see are people saying bad things about it. They claim HBAR has bad tokenomics, it’s too controlled by a few, and they say it can never go above 10¢. Why are so many people saying these negative things about HBAR, and is there any truth to it?

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    I hear you loud and clear. The FUD surrounding Hedera isn’t just happenstance; it’s deliberate, and it stems from fear. Let me tell you something straight – a big chunk of the crypto industry is shaking in their boots because they see Hedera as a colossal threat. It’s so intense that some of the major players in the crypto game are resorting to desperate measures. I’ve heard stories, too – whispers about top crypto firms paying off folks in developing countries to spread dirt about Hedera. And it gets worse. There are claims that certain influential figures were bribed to hype up other tokens but were strictly forbidden to even breathe a word about HBAR.

    Yeah, this FUD campaign? It’s been working to some extent, I won’t deny that. But here’s the deal – Hedera’s not backing down. It’s making massive moves and disrupting the game, destined to become the go-to coin for businesses worldwide, not just some flash-in-the-pan Ethereum. And you know what? It’s not a pipe dream. Hedera’s got what it takes to surpass Ethereum’s market cap sooner or later.

    These crypto firms pulling off these shady stunts, they’re living on borrowed time. Their days are numbered. Hedera’s the real deal, and legitimate projects like this are going to push out these scammy setups. So, don’t let this FUD get under your skin. These scam firms are desperately clinging to relevance, trying to snatch a few more bucks from everyday investors. But their game is up. Hedera’s on the rise, and the truth’s going to shine through sooner than you think.

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      Absolutely, you’re on point here. See, the beauty of HBAR’s current price phase isn’t about feeling disappointed; it’s an opportunity knocking at your door. This slow rise? It’s like a gift, giving you time to load up your stash. Why? Because mark my words, when the new members join the Governing Council and when those colossal industry players partner up with Hedera to launch their game-changing applications, they’re going to need HBAR – and they’ll need a lot of it.

      The demand for HBAR is going to skyrocket, my friend. All that talk about Hedera being suppressed by these FUDsters and the lack of retail marketing? It’s a temporary setback. Hedera’s been quietly climbing up, making waves in the market cap, and soon enough, it’s going to command the attention it rightfully deserves. Trust me, when names like Walmart or Apple hop on the Governing Council train, the impact on HBAR’s price will be nothing short of seismic.

      You hit the nail on the head with those comparisons. While other cryptocurrencies are shouting from the rooftops about partnerships that often end up being hot air, Hedera’s the real deal. It’s delivering on its promises. And when that recognition hits, the FOMO surrounding HBAR will be deafening – it’ll shake the very foundations of the crypto space. Watch closely, because while others talk, Hedera’s out there making those game-changing moves that will drive its value through the roof.


    HBAR rocks the crypto world! Forget the rest; HBAR’s ahead of the game. Ethereum, XRP, Solana, Cardano—they’re old news compared to HBAR’s groundbreaking tech.

    Gossip about gossip and virtual voting? That’s HBAR’s secret sauce for speed and security, leaving others in the dust. Real-world use? HBAR’s dominating with low fees and lightning-fast transactions.

    HBAR isn’t just a crypto; it’s a revolution! With a solid governance model, it’s the future of transparency. When you think crypto, think HBAR—it’s not a trend; it’s the future!

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