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Hey, do you reckon this Calaxy (CLXY) thing could hit a buck? You think it’s got a shot at reaching that $1 mark, or maybe even going higher? Just wondering if it’s possible for the price to reach a dollar or more, ya know? What are your thoughts on the chances of CLXY hitting that $1 price tag? Can it really climb up to a dollar or maybe even surpass it?

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    Yes, Calaxy (CLXY) has immense potential to hit $1 and even surpass it. The tokenomics look promising, and the project is gaining significant media coverage, fueling its momentum. If this project continues to progress at this rate, there’s a real chance that the price could surge well beyond $1. Currently, the price is on a bullish trend, so it might be wise to wait for dips to strategically dollar-cost-average your investment into CLXY. If this project really takes off, the price trajectory could be impressive.


    Should I trade my XRP for CLXY? What do you think about swapping XRP for CLXY? Is it a good idea to sell off my XRP and invest in CLXY instead?


      Sure thing, if you want my two cents, ditching XRP seems like a smart move. It’s a long-term hold that might not pay off well. Swapping it for HBAR seems promising; HBAR could hit $1 or $5 within 2 years. XRP has a ton of tokens floating around for the next 8 to 10 years, and that’s likely to keep the price down. Honestly, XRP feels like a scam coin, so trashing it for HBAR and considering a bit in CLXY when its price drops might be a better bet.


    Certainly, Calaxy (CLXY) holds significant potential as an investment. Its impact could be groundbreaking. Being built on Hedera (HBAR), its success could significantly benefit HBAR too; they complement each other. Calaxy has the potential to generate substantial returns and might even create millionaires before Hedera. CLXY is expected to attain a valuation of $20 per token within 2 years. The synergy between Calaxy and Hedera suggests a promising future for both, hinting at remarkable growth and potential profitability for investors involved with these tokens.

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